Opening Scene

Monday, June 6th, 2011


This video below, was one of the first I edited after being filmed on the GoProHD Hero. This camera has been extremely good to me so far, despite the slight lack of contrast and vibrancy while in 60Fps and 720p.

I have run it through a few colour corrections to make it appear a little more vibrant.

Once put through Twixtor, it enables me to have complete control of the speed and length of each frame.

You can see some warping and distortion but this is minimal, even though I have used only raw settings of Twixtor, not implementing any of After Effects extra motion settings such as Frame Blending and Pixel Motion.


3 comments on “Opening Scene

  1. Dennis Millar says:

    I have a sugestion, make the credits shorter, they take up like half the length of the vidieo. just make each point go on the screen for a shorter amount of time.

    and try to figure out who actually did this comment

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