After finally navigating my way to posting this very first excerpt of my mind, I now feel obliged to let you in on why I took this journey.

I am currently doing year 12 at a Rudolph Steiner school and as part of my year 12 we have a major project. Unlike many other projects undertaken in various other schools, this school puts a considerable amount of emphasis on this project. It includes a 10,000 word thesis, must include community work, and a 45 minute presentation at the end of the year.

Getting to the point, my project is to create promotional video for the school, which I have been filming for the past half a year. I have been using various video editors to create slow motion and time lapse footage.

I am using this as a forum to share my discoveries and ideas, and also as a place where I may be of service if any questions arise concerning things I may be able to help with.

I will be uploading edited footage that I have worked on and expressing my thoughts and processes that I went through to get the final result. I will also be linking sites that inspire me and have shown me alternative ideas.

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